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Indian cuisine & Protein

Indian cuisine & Protein

Indian cuisine & Protein

Indian cuisine is well known for its vibrant spices,fresh herbs and variety of rich flavour combined with nutritious foods like grains,lentils,nuts and oilseeds, Vegetables,dairy and fruits all together they  make mouth watering traditional Indian dish;but with a change in era, modernization replaced traditionalism, which drastically changed the scenario of Indian diet, which is not only rich in calories,but also rich in saturated fats,trans fat and low in fibre,Mufa,Pufa and most importantly proteins;we being unaware about the power of protein, consistently ignore it’s importance in our day to day life,Proteins are the building blocks of our life,from the hairs on the top to the nails of the toes, everything in our body is made up of protein.proteins not only build and repair tissues,but also builds immunity,make enzymes etc.Indian diet being influenced by religion and culture,promotes vegetarianism and mythological nature of our Indians promotes fasting,which encourages Protein deficiency in our far to meet protein deficiency which is 80% in Indian population, protein supplements are very useful resource to fulfill our daily requirements,but this fact is surrounded by many misconception,so now its time to put age old myths to rest and welcome the facts about protein supplements.Here are some Myths and facts  about the same.


FACT- About 65% of Indian population who relishes on non veg items are Protein deficienct,claims Indian dietetics association,This is mainly due to lack of awareness about ideal Protein sources, adequate method of cooking.It is a misconception,that being non vegetarian is more than sufficient to meet protein requirement, actually most of the non veg people do not consume on daily basis and even those who consume everyday don’t usually consume the required amount to meet Protein requirement thus a non veg can  be supplement with proteins to meet Protein in day to day life.


FACT-  Protein is a macronutrients required for wear and tear of tissues, building up of immunity,synthesizing enzymes and hormones in every individual present on the earth.Regardless of being gym freak or not,supplementation can be relied upon to meet the individual’s daily Protein requirement.

Myth no 3- Protein supplements makes you bulky.

FACT- Protein supplements just make up your Protein requirements.To gain weight,you must be in caloric surplus that is consuming more calories,then utilizing it,so weight gain solely depends on the rest of your diet as in what you consume throughout the day.

Myth no 4- Protein supplements are good only during critical illness.

FACT- Proteins are not a special product.They are one of the vital nutrients,that plays a important role in sustaining life as you know that Protein helps in boosting immunity,synthesizing hormones and enzymes etc,so one who is ill requires little more Proteins,than normal individual, because during critical illness,our immunity is compromised,thus Protein supplementation is must to combat certain illness however normal individual who does not meet the ideal Protein requirement of 0.8-1gm/kg/body weight can be aided with protein supplementation.

Myth no 5 -Protein supplements contains steroids.

FACTS- Protein supplements can be sourced from multiple sources like Milk(whey,and casein), soya,peas, pure albumin etc.They are pure Proteins given to meet the requirements of the individuals.They don’t have steroids in it,thus Protein supplementation is ,protein along with other essential nutrients packed under one roof.However while buying such supplements make an habit of reading nutrional composition of the product so far to get educated about your Protein.

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